Brent Himmenger

Let's begin with the service, excellent, top notch, etc. Matt at 9.9 is everything a business owner should be not just a comic shop owner. He gives you everything he has to make your experience worth every penny.  Meanwhile all your comics are bagged and boarded for FREE!! Get the annual membership to receive further discounts.

Product: everything you need BUT if there is a chance it's not there, Just ask and by all means Matt will hunt it down for you. 

Policy: Standard practice for any business but Matt will work with anyone on anything that is bought. 

In conclusion, if your a nerd, hobbyist, or investor in comics, this is the place you want to shop. Matt also works well with Famous Faces on any product or service. It is by far the only two shops in Brevard  County that care about their customers and work well with one another. 

Thank You 9.9 for all you do!

Dominic M. Pirozzi Jr.

The community, the expertise, the extra mile. Every comic is bagged and boarded. Can't find what you are looking for?  9.9 will go above and beyond. Exclusive variants, collectibles, and supplies. 9.9 caters to the comic collector and the casual reader alike. 

Great people and a great shop! 

Joe Agosta

Matt is a super nice guy who makes you feel really comfortable being in his shop. Gives great customer service and has many nice collectibles and comics. Its my favorite comic book shop to go to. I actually travel almost an hour to go to it whenever I get a chance. 

Visit 9.9 you will not be disappointed. 

Jonathan Hedrick

Finally stopped by and I’m glad I did but I really wish I would have done it sooner! Very cool, laid-back store that’s very organized with knowledgeable staff. 

Brian Figueroa

Very approachable and well versed. A lot of comic shop staff or owner's act like talking with a customer or even socializing with one is an inconvenience or a hassle, not this one. Owner was awesome and down to earth.  I will be a repeat customer. 

Thank you very much! 

Cody Christopher Pelletier

Been coming here probably a couple months now. Best comic shop in the  area, no question. Matt is a great guy. Organized, takes good care of the comics he sells and knows his stuff. Great place!

Philip Wolf

 love this place, collectors heaven!

Karen Lindquist

Amazing shop, very attentive to your needs! Bonus is you get a bag and board with each comic! 

Christopher Edney

 Went by today for fcbd. Guy was very friendly and knowledgeable. Everything is bagged and boarded and in great shape. 

Stephen Flores

 9.9 Comics is a great store and Matt offers excellent customer service  and carries a wide selection of comics. He is always willing to find whatever his customer wants and has a great attitude. 

Todd J Larson

Matt was a very friendly person and very knowledgeable of comics. He was great to talk to and has a very clean and organized store. Make sure you stop by if you're on a trip down here to the beach. 

Eric Puterbaugh

If  you're a collector of comics this is the place to buy them. 

Matt is a professional and delivers a quality product. I will always buy my books at 9.9 because of that quality and service every time I walk through the door. Thanks Matt! 


Chandler Balčiūnas

Amazing store, The best one I have ever stepped foot in. The owner is  very nice and knowledgeable, he knows what he is talking about. The  experience alone will have me back through the doors every week. 

Jordan Peterson

The store and the owner are amazing. They work with the customers and they put out a list of releases and are interactive with their Facebook page! He'll compile a list of the comics you've requested and will do his best to make sure he has them ready for when you come in. I love  this place, straight up. 

Randall Comeaux

I've been coming here now for about a month and I have to say, even though I know nothing of comics nor read them (my lady loves shopping  here) 

I absolutely enjoy coming to 9.9 comics. The owner is absolutely estatic about his job and you can see that it is a passion for him. Nothing but amazing customer service and hella rad just to talk to about  anything random. Also he throws lit parties! 

Christina Johnson

I happened to be in the Melbourne area today so I thought I would check out this hidden gem. The shop is very spacious, clean, organized, the staff is extremely friendly and ready to help me with whatever I needed. This is now one of my new favorite comic shops to stop into whenever I'm in town. Definitely a place to check out and I will certainly go back to 9.9 comics! 

Kirk Bailey

Great store, products, and atmosphere. Very helpful and genuinely interested in the customer's best interests. 

Hard to beat. 

Caleb Auger Murphy

If you haven't been to see Matt down at 9.9 comics please do. this man  knows his comics and his customers. I didn't know what I wanted to read  for a road trip I had planned, but thanks to Matt and his choice #Regression killed it. what road trip? BRO thanks again epic read couldn't be more pleased 

Scott Loots


1) Every comic is  bagged & boarded. FREE! Whether you're an avid collector of just a  casual reader, this is a service you won't find anywhere else.

2)  The membership program is unmatched. It makes sense for even a casual  reader to sign up. From everyday discounts to member appreciation days, it pays for itself in no time.

3) Friendly, knowledgeable, personalized service. Whatever you are in to the owner can, and will, talk about with  you. He's always up to date and his recommendations are always spot on. If there's something special you're looking for, he does everything he  can to get it for you. 

This is the only place I go on Wednesday. 

Do yourself a favor and stop in. You won't be disappointed.


Mark Shane

Top notch quality comics with excellent customer service. Owner will  help you in every way he can. This is my new comic book store for sure! 

Sandra Ingle

Went in for my first visit today. I knew as soon as I was greeted that I  would be back. Selection was GREAT and the customer service was FABULOUS! 

Joseph Hershey

Customer service is a must in my book. 9.9 Comics has it in spades big time. They go beyond the ratings. 

Tyler Chasse

It's an amazing store with great people and an even more amazing owner. If you have not been to this shop your really missing out. 

Leah Rollins

Matt goes above and beyond to make sure that your shopping experience is  absolutely enjoyable! If he doesn't have a certain title you're looking for in his store, he'll do all he can to get it for you! 

Gideon Smoak

Matt, you, and your shop, are fantastic! You've created such a friendly, inviting, and fun atmosphere. I can't wait until X-Files comes out so we can geek out about it more! 


Michael Levtchenko

Wow.... went there today met Matt the owner super nice guy, great store. Highly recommended. 

Jennifer King

Amazing selection of comic's..... Amazing shop in general!

Nicholas Veltman

Great place, shop owner very knowledgeable and helpful. Willing to go the extra step for his customers. Great membership program, best choice in Melbourne for a comic shop.

Julie Bender

This is an awesome comic store! Owner is very friendly and super professional 

Mark Queen

Finally had the chance to swing by the shop and I'll tell ya, Matt and his store are fantastic. Superb customer service! Enjoyed my time there, coming back soon! 

Manuel Colon

His comics are kept in great condition. If you have questions he has answers. I highly recommend this place. 

Charles Watson

Great shop! Great service, They carry a lot of Indie comics and hard to find pieces. 

Travis Gibb

Great store!! If you are reading indies then you need to be going to this store!! Amazing customer service.

Hannah Kahl

 This place is awesome! Definitely worth checking out.. there's a reason he only has good reviews. Very informative if your new to collecting or have been collecting for years. 

Anthony Hampson

The best customer service you will ever get. From the bag and board, to the YouTube show, to after hours support, this is truly a shop you can’t beat. 

Roger Jimenez

Great place!! Matt is very professional, knowledge and helpful!! Excellent costumer service and the membership is definitely worth it! 

Mitch Deland

These guys are serious, passionate and carry some great collectible comics. My new comic shop. 

Kyle Coppa-Cross

Matt at 9.9 is great guy with good customer service. I always feel welcomed there. 

Isvan Rivera Morales

All comics with bag and board, no extra charge. 

Michael Mars Russell

Probably the best shop in town for the high end collector. Their membership program allows a collector to get the exact variants they  want in perfect condition. 

Cassia Taylor

Love this place!!! Everyone who works there rocks!!!! 

Teresa Puterbaugh

 Great shop! Very friendly and helpful.  Awesome selection! 

Jesse Chambers

Great place to pick up some comics! Friendly owner and cool environment. 

Anthony Faella (Fatman Comics)

Beautiful shop, not only because they carry Fatman Comics, but also because they're clean, bright, have a unique selection, and are an amazing asset to the local community. Thanks for excelling at all you do and I can't wait to continue business with such a reputable establishment 


Ron Watts

Great place to buy my Comics, large selection and great customer service. The staff there makes me feel right at home. 

David Grace

Awesome Store! Great People! Stop in and Tell Matt, David from Space Coast Comic Con sent you!

Karen Wooden

Super nice, helpful people!!! 

Great comic store!!! 

Dylan Guarisco

It is a great shop! Everyone there is great and supportive and I can't wait to come back again! 

Thom Solo

Great selection of collectibles and Star Trek merchandise! 

Cathy Quackenbush

9.9 Comics is a great store. Matt is very professional & knowledgeable. His store is clean, organized, and has a friendly  atmosphere. With such a great collection of comics & collectables, you want to go back for more. 

Rick Shea (Famous Faces & Funnies)

 Matt runs a great professional shop and has a wide selection of CGC comics and other books. He is very active in the community and partners  with local schools to help get that next generation of comic readers more excited about reading. Keep up the incredible work!